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Motor Vehicle Accidents

Trucking companies are regulated by state and federal law. Drivers must adhere to licensing and training requirements, safety inspections, and procedures for keeping track of the number of hours they have driven at any given time. Dennis A. Lopez & Associates has a thorough understanding of the trucking industry and what to investigate when driver negligence results in a semi-truck wreck. Our Truck, Auto & Motorcycle accident lawyers subpoena driversí logs, drug test results, training records, and analyze the on-board black box recorder to determine what happened at the time of an accident. If a driver or company cuts corners to protect their bottom line, we expose their actions and hold them legally and financially responsible.

Our nationís roadways are crowded with motorists who do not signal when changing lanes, talk on their cell phones, or run through red lights at intersections. Dennis A. Lopez & Associates represents people injured in motor vehicle accidents because of the negligent or careless driving of others. Our Truck, Auto & Motorcycle accident lawyers immediately act to ensure your medical and employment benefits are initiated. Our personal injury lawyers consult health care and financial planners to build your case based on your future medical costs, need for medical equipment and medication, lost wages, and loss in quality of life. We establish the scope and impact of your injuries and demand compensation to meet your needs.

If you or a loved one is on or around our nationís roadways, please read on for facts and the litigation surrounding Truck, Auto & Motorcycle accidents.

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